Hey, I managed to navigate to the forum and register even though I don't speak hungarian.

First of all, WOW, what a great plane, I really love it, great 3D model, great simulation, GREAT EVERYTHING! I will donate money to you very soon:)

I hope we can see more projects like this.

Now, to the questions.

1. The simple one first, how do I open the doors?

2. Now to the other one, in the left pedestal, close to the primer. There is a fuel selector, it has OFF, L, C and R. Is there a way to use the center tank? or all the tanks? There is no way to put fuel in the center tank in the loadmanager, so. This is very annoying when I want to fly shorter flights, it would be nice to use the center tank first.

Also, I can't switch from L tank to R tank, then the engine will die.

3. Is there a way to assign the primer to a slider/key on the joystick? It's annoying to have to move the camera down there and use the mouse

4. I get a very nasty pull to the left when I start the engines, even with very low RPM, I need to hold the brakes at MAX and full elevator plus full right rudder to make it stop, this makes it very hard to taxi, because I have to give a lot of RPM to get the wheels rolling forward.

Last, a picture:)


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