Antonov AN-2

for X-Plane 9.45+, 10 and 11

The Antonov An-2 - Annushka

This is the first plane designed by Antonov. It's the largest STOL bi-plane in the word. It's the longest produced plane in the world with her 45 years. The first flew was on 31th August 1947. (more info on wikipedia...)

Thanks to TeeJayOne on, there's an update for X-Plane 11

After thinking for a long time, I've decided to open the source files of the Antonov An-2.

Since I don't have time to continue the development, I'm giving this opportunitiy to the community to continue the development. Feel free to update the repo to keep developments in one place. Thank you.

The source available at GitHub:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Successor of Antonov An-2, the Let L-410 UVP-E Turbolet has been released, be sure to check out as well :)




I'd like to thank you for Pedro van Leeuwen for making the plane and permission for this cockpit :)
Thanks for stephy for making and sharing the base blender file for this cockpit, Criminy for livery update and permission, and all others on forums for help :)
Also I'd like to thank you Alexandr Emelyanov aka "DUST", original author of external model.
Thanks for the testers: Farkas Ádám, Steve, kferro, Attila Kotán, Birinyi Balázs. Especially tanks for Attila Kotán and Sandy Barbour for the Mac plugin.

Flight manual

If you'd like to fly this plane precisely, you can download flight manual in PDF format from here. Highly recommended!
Or you find a very short operation manual included.


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Download X-Plane 11 compatible version (
Download v3.0 (X-Plane 9 / 35 Mbytes)
Download v3.0 with Russian panel (X-Plane 9 / 35 Mbytes)

Download paint templates (PSD) (35 Mbytes)

Download Airfoil update for X-Plane 10 (44 Kbytes)
Simply unzip the file and overwrite airfoils directory under "An-2 v3".



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