.FMS Export for X-Plane

The bookmarklet

I've made this little bookmarklet to generate X-Plane FMS file from rfinder's free router generator. This bookmarklet works in Firefox and Safari. But may work on other browsers which can handle JS code from bookmarklet.

FMS Export v0.92

How to install

Drag the link above, and drop to your bookmark toolbar, or into bookmarks.


1 - Open rfinder
2 - Generate route you want to fly.
3 - Click on 'FMS Export v0.92' bookmarklet.
4 - The program generates the FMS file
5 - Click on 'Download FMS plan' button to download without altitudes, or set altitudes and click 'Download FMS plan' on bottom of the page
6 - Open the FMS file in X-Plane, and have fun! :)

If you find any problems, bugs please report to ksgy at xplane dot hu. Please include your departure and destination airport, and will try to fix asap.

Known bugs:

Could not make difference between VOR and NDB - every NDB appears as VOR in FMS - but does not affect functioning.

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